I'm Emile, just turned 19 years old, but still refusing to grow up.

I watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal and am open to trying about any other series in the world. I also cosplay and do a lot of other random stuff.

I'm a huge fan of anything animated so you will also find a lot of anime and Dreamworks related posts on here.


Martin Freeman signature move:  eyebrow raise/forehead wrinkle

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I’m going to casually answer this question in text format so I can link every future ask about this to here.

I am ignoring you because you are either sending me anon hate, which I have ignored from the beginning of time so don’t even try, or you have caught up with some rumours and came here to ask about it. It kind of depends on how you formulate those questions if I answer them or not.

Here are the most important facts: I am not cheating on Olli. We did break up and are now figuring out how to become friends instead of lovers, but that’s a completely different story. I am not dating Alessandro, we are just friends. We are also not friends with benefits, that wouldn’t do either of us justice. Anything remotely sexual we put online is just to mess with you guys.

Honestly, if there are rumours being spread you have different options, two of them fit this situation. We could either ignore it until it goes away or exploit it to have some fun.

Alessandro and I chose the last!

I almost forgot to show you guys! I created this at the Mind Up art course.

They are officially plummers! Kevin is going to tell his mom! He looks so happy!

Kevin begging that plummer to not take his badge away made my heart ache. He wants to become like his dad, his real dad, so badly… just let the kid have that badge already, he never did anything bad with it!


emile8 you shouldn’t leave marks where everyone can see them..

*wink wonk*

Anonymous asked:
I have never seen a asexual show this many signs of sexual activity *wink wonk*

First and foremost… what is ‘wink wonk’ even supposed to mean? It sounds cute, somehow reminds me of Homestuck. And secondly, when have I ever shown any sign of sexual activity?! xD

Stop sending me asks about sex and who I do it with jfc!

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.

What do you all have for brains? Pudding?

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"Good morning Jack."

"Good night Hiccup."

Jack and Hiccup being in the usual long distance relationship. My roommate is doing that, and I miss home. So I can’t help but draw this.


It’s just like our AU!

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