I'm Emile, just turned 19 years old, but still refusing to grow up.

I watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal and am open to trying about any other series in the world. I also cosplay and do a lot of other random stuff.

I'm a huge fan of anything animated so you will also find a lot of anime and Dreamworks related posts on here.

I should probably get my laptop, but I’m too lazy and it’s too late, so no… those con photos can wait until tomorrow.

It’s strange to be back home. I want to go back to Abunaicon…

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ittybittyblue said: Bless your love of Mickey

                             And bless  y o u r  blessing!

He just… He hears the TARDIS sound and runs like his life depends on it. Because Rose is coming home and he knows she doesn’t really love him, but he just has to see her. He has to know she’s alright. Seriously, if Mickey doesn’t give you feelings I don’t understand you.

Mickey is always trying so hard to be a good boyfriend to Rose, to be someone, he is always there when he sees the chance. I really don’t like how underappreciated he is.


Finally done with everything ^-^ 

hiccupsboyfriends said: I’d help if you let me, snowflake.. Pfft..

You’re already being a big help by keeping me calm. :)